Importance of Driving Safe in the Snow


With snow now coming into play, it is important for people to consider conditions and be extremely careful in hazardous weather. There have been several reported car accidents that have occurred on snow-covered roads, where some could have most likely … Read more


Ways To Avoid Losing Money Due To Illness

Nobody likes being sick, as not only does it make you feel horrible and effectively puts your life on hold, but it can also cost you quite a bit of money in terms or medication, lost income or even ambulance and hospital fees.

Insurance You Need While Travelling Abroad

It's important that before you go travelling to another country, you look into getting the right types of insurance that will cover you while you're away.

How to Save Money on Your Gold Coast Holiday

We’ve got a few great tips for saving money on your trip! Book those tickets and buy that travel insurance, because you’re headed to the Gold Coast!

Why Insurance is Important – Policies You Should Have

It is very important that you have insurance, including home and contents insurance, car insurance, income insurance and life insurance.

Finding the Right Auto Insurance for YOU

You need auto insurance, but insurance policies can look like a jumble of jargon and figures if you don’t know what you’re looking for.  Finding the right insurance policy requires attention to the finer points of detail in order to … Read more


Some Things to Think About Before You Buy Car Insurance

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The first step in buying car insurance is to familiarize yourself with what’s covered by different auto insurance packages and add the types of coverage that make sense for you, … Read more


Car Insurance Terms – A Glossary

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Buying car insurance can be confusing. Make things easier on yourself by doing a little homework before you start; familiarize yourself with the auto insurance laws in your state and … Read more


Types of Homeowner Insurance Coverage

There are eight basic types of homeowner insurance:

HO1 – Basic Form Homeowner Policy

H01s are bare-bones policies that cover a house and its contents against 11 specific disasters, namely: fire (including lightning), hail/windstorm, vandalism, vehicle (including aircraft) crashes, riot … Read more