Lowering Your Homeowners Insurance Costs

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One common question people ask about their homeowners insurance is how they can lower the overall cost. There are several steps you can take to reduce costs and also make your home generally safer.

1. Make your home disaster resistant. This has a twofold effect: 1) It shows the insurance company that your house is less likely to be damaged in disasters, and 2) it actually lessens the chance of damages that require claims, thereby keeping your costs low. Disaster proofing includes buying storm shudders, reinforcing your roof with stronger material, and many other techniques. You should also have smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and other fireproofing.

2. Purchase Auto insurance from the same company. Usually, you can get a discount if your auto insurance and homeowners insurance are from the same company. When you are shopping around, check for discounts from the various agencies.

3. Maintain good credit. Insurers often check credit as a way of gauging your reliability. Keeping a good credit record can help reduce your premium.

4. Become a long-standing policy holder. You can often get discounts just by staying with a company for a long time. They trust you and are more willing to help you reduce costs.

5. Improve home security. Since part of your insurance will cover theft, it is important to have good security. If it is more difficult for people to walk away with your property, your insurance company will deem that you will have less frequent claims.

6. Shop around. Finally, it is important to consider many options and situations that may be unique to your home, the area where you live, and the type of home. Some insurers may be better suited to your needs than others. Do not just consider price without also considering these factors. In the end, you can rest at ease knowing you have protected your wallet and your family.

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