New York Homeowners Insurance

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With the recent news reports of flooding and tornados and hurricane season almost upon us, now is a good time to take a closer look at your homeowners insurance and make sure that you know what to expect from your coverage.

Why do you need home insurance?

Catastrophes – whether man-made accident or natural disaster – happen. No matter where you live, your home may be susceptible to hurricanes, fire, earthquakes and floods.

How can you save on your homeowners insurance?

Increase the deductible on your homeowners insurance:
While the standard deductible on home insurance is $250, many have opted for policies with just a $100 deductible. If that’s you, you may be able to save 10% on your insurance premium by increasing your deductible to $250. Remember; never set a deductible higher than you’d be able to pay on a moment’s notice if and when you need to file a claim.

Choose one insurance company for all of your coverage:
You may be able to shave as much as 10% off your monthly premiums by buying your home and auto insurance from the same insurance company.

Ask about discounts:
Insurance companies offer discounts for all kinds of good behavior from keeping your smoke detectors up to date to installing burglar alarms. If you’ve made renovations to your home that make it safer and more sturdy, from small things like an update to your heating system to major improvements like a new roof, call your insurance company to see if you quality for a discount.

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