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Jericho, NY – August 19, 2011 – TSC>Direct, a New York auto insurance company completed a customer satisfaction survey of 1,418 of its policyholders in July of 2011.

The survey found that 96.3% of TSC>Direct policyholders answered, “yes” to the question, “would you recommend TSC>Direct to others?” Customers were also asked to rate their satisfaction with their communications with TSC>Direct customer service department. Over 52% found communication to be “excellent,” while only 2% answered “unsatisfactory” or “poor.”

“The idea behind conducting the survey was to connect with our policyholders and get a feel of where we stand in terms of service, interaction and efficiency,” says Parik Majumder, Operations Manager for TSC>Direct, “We are proud of the positive response and also taking this opportunity to address concerns and make positive changes aimed at improving the ease of doing business with TSC>Direct.”

At the end of the survey, policyholders were given the chance to provide anonymous comments. Among these comments were, “It has been my pleasure to be a customer. Everything I have ever needed was taken of in the most prompt manner. The customer service reps are exceptional, friendly and most helpful,” and “TSC Direct has one of the lowest rates in New York. They are great with communicating with their customers. They also respond on a timely fashion. Would like TSC Direct to expand their coverage to other states so they can benefit from the great savings.”

You can see the unedited survey responses here:

When reviewing survey questions #5 and #7, click the “Show Replies” link to see dozens of specific comments (both good and bad) from TSC>Direct’s policyholders.


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