The Top 5 Ways to Save on Your Home Insurance

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For anyone who owns a home, home insurance is an absolute must. Unfortunately, the reality is most people are paying too much. Even worse, they are paying for something they will not get. It is important to completely understand the terms of your contract, and understand the definitions of the terms in that policy. Those meanings may be very different than what those words mean in Standard English. If you don’t understand everything about a policy and what it means, you need to get third party professional assistance. Here is a look at the 5 top ways to reduce insurance, and get a better deal.


  1. Insuring for repair. The biggest mistake many people make when insuring their home is insuring for too much. You should cover your house for the cost of rebuilding in the event of complete disaster. This is certainly much lower than the sale price of your home. You will save greatly on your premiums if you insure properly this way. Fire and damage from water and rain can be repaired, even if your home is totally destroyed, and that will not make up the total value of your home and property.


  1. Regularly compare insurance quotes. Insurance costs can change over time. Don’t think just because you have been insured with one provider for 20 years they will come to your aid no matter the case when you need help. A policy is a policy, and that is what the insurance company will base payment consideration for a claim. You should compare insurance before you continue your yearly policy and contract.


  1. Reduce your deductable. This will radically change the premium for just about any insurance policy. The larger the deductable, the lower the premium will go. Insuring for worst-case scenarios makes good financial sense. This will also help you to minimise unnecessary claims, which will further lead to keeping your premium under control.


  1. Get multiple policies with the same provider. The more policies you can get with the same provider will certainly reduce your cost. You will still need more than a single provider for your total insurance needs, but it is common to have home contents insurance and car insurance from the same provider, for example.


  1. Increase your security. The majority of contents and other claims made on property insurance are related to theft. Different suburbs will have greatly differing rates due to the levels of crime in the area. Increasing your security with security doors, security windows, deadlocks and a professional security system will greatly reduce your premiums. Other security items such as smoke alarms might already be required in your region, but adding a professionally installed sprinkler system will further reduce your premiums. Everything you can do to make your home a safer place to live in will reduce your premium.


Good insurance providers will do their best to help you to reduce your premium. You should work with your provider to make the most out of what you are paying. Insurance is based on the data and risk assessment made by insurance companies over years of experience. By helping yourself you are actually helping them with reduced chance of claim. Not to mention that you will live in a safer home.

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